Weapons That Are Banned In Warfare

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Yes, there are weapons so terrible that they’ve been banned by international agreement. It turns out that even soldiers at war have certain rights. Here are some of the most awful weapons ever conceived.
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Plastic Landmines

It’s illegal to use any weapon with parts that can’t be detected by x-rays. The reason is that such weapons leave fragments that can’t be found by doctors, making them especially cruel.
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Spike Pits

Spike pits were used by the Vietcong and Japanese, both of whom often smeared them with feces to make even a scratch a likely source of infection.
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Phosgene Gas

Inexpensive to produce, invisible and nearly odorless, phosgene was actually responsible for 85% of WWI’s gas attacks. The Japanese continued using it, primarily against the Chinese.
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Bio-weapons aren’t a new idea. The Mongols used to put decomposing carcasses onto catapults and fling them into besieged enemy cities to create disease.
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Tear Gas

Put this in a ‘WTF’ category. We’ve all seen riot police use tear gas on angry crowds, but according to the Hague Convention, its use in war is illegal.
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Mustard Gas

Used widely in WWI, this is the weapon that compelled the world’s powers to convene the Geneva Convention in 1928. Victims’ lungs fill with fluid so that they actually drown.
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Flamethrowers aren’t explicitly firbidden in war, and most of us remember footage of American soldiers using them to clear caves on Okinawa. However, they can only be used against regular soldiers, not against civilians.
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Bat Bombs

This was a crazy idea the US came up with to set fires in wooden Japanese cities. Put napalm bombs on bats. Then turn them loose on Japanese cities. It was actually a pretty good plan. The A bomb was better,
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Dirty Bombs

As a weapon, radioactive ‘dirty’ bombs are as impractical as they are nasty. Once one of these bombs has irradiated an area, it becomes as useless to those who used it as to those who had it used on them.
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Nerve Gas

Every nerve gas works by short-circuiting the nerve system, which makes you do important things like breathing. First, though, comes a round of internal hemorrhaging, boils and blisters.
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