These Smartphone Apps are Super Funny

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There is pretty much an app for everything, but some of them are pretty funny. Download these for a good laugh.
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The Onion

Read all sorts of funny articles on this app.
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LOL Pics

Love laughing at funny pictures? Here’s an app that lets you do that anytime you want to.
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Texts From Last Night

This app lets you laugh at the regretable texts that other people have sent.
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Download this entertainment app and you’ll always have funny things to look at.
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Talking Tom Cat

Give this cat a punch or slap and hear him say funny things. He’ll also repeat what you say in a funny voice.
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Instant Buttons

This app lets you create hilairous sounds by pushing buttons.
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Fat Booth

Upload pictures and then turn them all into fat people for tons of hiliarious good times.
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Voice Changer Plus

Get ready to laugh a lot when you make your voice do funny things.
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18,000 Cool Jokes

You’ll never run out of funny jokes to tell when you download this app.
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This app brings you all kinds of comedic podcasts that you can listen to when you need a good laugh.
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