The Most Exciting MMORPGs Ever

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We’ve hand-picked the top-rated games of all time and ranked them from great to less great. This list is not so much about what we feel is “The Best” but more about the overall influence these games have had on gaming culture. In preparing this list, we’re bound to offend some of you who feel we’ve left out your favorites, but there are hundreds of games and we have to draw the line somewhere, so here goes:
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A Tale in the Desert

Set in ancient Egypt this MMORPG has no combat as its main feature. Instead it focuses on working together in order to solve puzzles. It is also only one of a handful of games that has a beginning, middle and end relying on developers to propose new challenges and resetting servers.
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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Although the lifespan of this game was from 2007 to 2014, it was held in high esteem for its intricate social systems and marvelous and huge open world. Truly a masterful game with excellent features.
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Although lacking polish, this game was loved for its fierce warfare, innovative races and total absence of instancing. Although the game closed in 2009 it had quite the faithful following that lives on today in many ways.
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Lineage 2

Regarded by many critics as too tedious and uncompromising, this game, however, had dedicated fans. The offspring of one of the most-played games in the world, Lineage 2 can still lay claim to its own significant bits and pieces. Outstanding siege PVP and frequent updates make Lineage 2 a game with a bright future.
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Ragnarok Online

Since coming on the scene in 2002, Ragnarok Online has garnered more than 40 million players. Although there may be little to offer in the “special features” category, it nevertheless has a warm place in the hearts of many MMOers who were introduced to this as their first game. It’s also been responsible for initiating many spinoffs and animes.
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Fallen Earth

This game’s engaging faction systems and complexity are appreciated as much as the VOIP and physics based gameplay that allows the creation of your very own ammo, bikes and ATVs. It is one of but a few games that offered something completely new from day one and, though it is showing its age, it merits a prime position on our list.
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Wizard 101

This is one deep MMO and almost as satisfying as Harry Potter the MMO. You have PVP, mounts, housing, mini-games and pretty much everything you need for a complete story. Being one of the few to offer card-driven, turn-based gameplay, earns this MMO a place on our list.
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Age of Conan

Originally intended as a PVP siege warfare game, Age of Conan proved to be a disappointment at launch time. Under the guidance of Craig Morrison, however, it blossomed into an amazing PVE theme park. Offering some of the finest combat in MMOs puts this game on our list of top picks.
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Path of Exile

This game is simply one of the finest action MMORPGs you will find. It’s like putting Diablo 2 on steroids and making it a full-blown MMORPG. You’ll enjoy this game for its original housing, outstanding 4 act story and excellent crafting.
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This game has the honor of being the planet’s first ever, true MMOFPS with class-based roles, endless vehicles and weapons, capture points and much more. And its totally Free to Play WITHOUT MICROTRANSACTIONS.
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