The Most Awesome Swords In Gaming History

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Gaming has taken the old fantasy-fiction concept of the magic sword and run wild with it. Sometimes it’s the hero, sometimes the villain who bears the sacred steel. But the super-sword is a constant and an icon. Here are gaming’s best:
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Blade Of Olympus

From ‘God of War’. Containing the power of a Titan, granted by Zeus, this sword has a great back-story and feels like the stuff of legend.
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‘Warcraft’ series. This sword has the neat trick of getting more powerful as the game proceeds, thanks to its habit of drinking the souls of its victims.
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Soul Edge

‘Soul Caliber’ Series. Never mind its victims. Soul Edge also captures the souls of those who wield it, slowly driving them insane. A character in its own right, in its ultimate form the sword wields itself!
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Master Sword

‘Legend of Zelda’ series. This is really THE magic sword. It can turn your enemies into stone. It can let you time travel. The only catch is that you have to be very, very worthy.
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Buster Sword

Final Fantasy VII. It isn’t that powerful a sword. It has become iconic because there’s only one Final Fantasy franchise, and because wow, does it look cool!
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‘Kingdom Hearts’. A highly versatile sword, the well-named Keyblade can open up anything at all. And, it is judgmental, constantly aware of its bearer’s level of courage.
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From ‘Chrono Trigger’. This is a mountain-splitting weapon suitable for a heroic Frog.
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The Beam Katana

From ‘Travis Touchdown’. This is a cool, beam-shooting sword that does have to be recharged – making it more interesting in a game.
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The Monado Sword

‘Xenoblade’. A sword that’ll give you psychic powers and the ability to manipulate ether! Just the thing for home defense.
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Energy Sword

‘Halo’ series. This is the weapon you hate going up against. It laughs at armor. It also has the ability to burn what it doesn’t slice.
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