Tech Gadgets For Babies

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These are gadgets for baby in one sense, but they’re really for you. They’re 2016’s little convenience-savers. The idea is to make your impossible job of infant management just a little more bearable. Digitally…
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Embrace Infant Warmer

At $200 apiece, this system is being used as a sort of ‘field incubator’ for clinics in the developing world. It uses a simple wax pouch which, melted, seals the baby’s sleeping bag at a perfect body temperature.
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Ultrasound Imaging System

From MobiUS. $7,500-$8,000. This is an FDA-cleared portable system which allows healthcare professionals to perform remote diagnoses. The system can perform OB and 7 other scans.
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Laugh And Learn iPad Case

Just $14 from Fisher-Price. Extra apps make this goodie an educational experience for your baby while the child-proof casing defends your iPad against baby teeth, baby drool and sticky baby hands.
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Origami Power-Folding Stroller

Here’s a baby stroller that completely opens and closes itself without your having to free both hands to manipulate it. Just press a button. You can also charge your phone while walking the baby.
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Smart Kid Scale

For $179.95, a scale that not only gives highly accurate weight measurements, it uploads and charts your baby’s weight using a special app. It also lets you chart breastfeeding and bottle feeding, as well as how your baby compares to other babies of similar age and gender.
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Owlet Baby Monitor

You see those commercials where runners are checking their cardiovascular vitals on watches? This does all that for your baby, who only has to wear a special sock. Your IOS device will be alerted if anything looks unusual. $249.
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Self-Warming Baby Bottle

Insert a cartridge into the bottle, shake, and it turns on a heating mechanism that works without cords or batteries. Keeps milk or formula at just the right temperature. $33.99 for the bottle, $11.99 for a pack of 5 heating cartridges.
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Tiggly Shapes

At $29.95, this is a rugged iPad tablet meant for the attentions of 18 month to 3 year olds. It comes with three apps: Tiggly Math, Tiggly Safari and Tiggly Draw.
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4moms mamRoo

This programmable baby bouncer is designed to move in ways that will remind your baby of the way you sway and bounce while carrying her or him.
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BabyNes Nutrition System

If anything here is the Most Jetsons, it might be this. Press a button and out comes a perfect, ready-to-eat serving of baby food. Six delicious options. $284, but at this time only available in China, Hong Kong, France and Switzerland. From Nestlé/Wyeth.
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Smart Baby Monitor

Here’s a baby monitor that syncs to your mobile device. It lets you do more than peek in on and speak to your baby from wherever you might be. It also allows you to control lights and room temperature, or even time the system to play a lullaby. Sweet dreams!
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