Smart Ways To Browse The Web On A Smartphone

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Smartphones are getting bigger – and smarter. Still, there’s nothing like a big tablet, a laptop or even (gasp!) a PC for browsing. Especially if you’re of the big-fingered type. Here are some ways to make your smartphone even smarter when you’re browsing the web without cutting off your fingers at the knuckle…
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Skip The Mobile Data Plan

There are apps out there which allow you to use your carrier’s messaging plan to surf the web. It may take some digging, but, in areas where your data signal is spotty, it could be a lifesaver…
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Cut Power Drain Suckers

It’s surprising how much power gets used up on a mobile phone packed with doodads like flashlights, brightly lit screens and loud ringtones. Save power by cutting all the power sucking “extras” which make browsing less efficient by draining crucial battery power.
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Sync And Swap To Your PC

You don’t have to explore a web page in depth from your phone. Learn how to sync and swap between your smartphone and send it to your tablet or PC for a deeper look when you have more time to explore.
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Activate Reader Mode

Look for the Reader Mode setting on your phone and activate it when you’re surfing web pages displaying similar data like lists, forms and more text-based content. It saves power – and time.
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Learn Those Shortcuts And Gestures

The left swipe on Tinder is not the only way to surf on your mobile phone that makes things quicker and easier. There are a whole host of shortcuts and gestures that will make surfing the web more enjoyable and efficient. Take the time to read your mobile phone manual or find an online video tutorial listing gestures and shortcuts particular to your operating system. Then go back to looking for Tinder Hotties…
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Use An Alternate Keyboard

Big-fingered people are driven mad by the default keyboard on most mobile phones. They’re just too small! Consider an alternate keyboard popup that will fill the screen and is mindless of ads and mobile content. Add some custom keypad shortcuts and you’ll find yourself breezing through torturous, unfamiliar web pages requiring lots of interactive typing…
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Activate Data Saver Mode

The web used to be ruled by text. Images soon took over, but sucked up machine resources. Now, video and high quality audio are the norm. Why? Activate that data saver mode setting thingee and see the startling difference: Sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures…
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Use An Ad Blocker

A recent survey revealed the astounding fact that most mobile phone users don’t have an ad blocker installed. And, that curious fact extends to all web-connected devices. Why? It’s a mystery. And, from now on, you can’t say, “I didn’t know…”
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And, Finally…

Find the best browser. Duh. There are more than a dozen web browsers for mobile phones. Try them all and see which one fits your lifestyle and preferences. Our best bet: Google Chrome. They may have dropped the philosophy officially, but still seem committed to the idea: “Don’t be evil…”
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