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When it comes to shopping for beauty and fashion products, sometimes it’s better to go online. Of course, all the famous brand names can be found easily. But did you know there are some lower-cost, higher selection beauty product and fashion sites that seriously compete with the giants? Here are some of the best, and the reasons why we think they make the cut…
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Beauty Bar

Don’t let the bland design of Beauty Bar fool you. The site offers virtually everything you’ll find behind the counter at B&G or even Chanel itself. And, at a discount. Throw in the fact they include three free samples with every purchase and you’ve got yourself a real winner…
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Beauty Counter

The mundane name belies the real value of this LA-based upstart: Beauty Counter prides itself on transparency and, not only do its buyers avoid products tested on animals, it’ll alert customers to brands that ignore this increasingly popular consumer trend towards cruelty-free products.
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Lucky Scent

Lucky Scent is the go-to site for those hard-to-find fragrances that local beauty shops are unable (or unwilling) to stock on a regular basis. And, as a bonus, it’s not just for women…
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The clinical feel of Malin+Goetz is intentional as the exclusive brand focuses on health and beauty skin care solutions, from treating acne to effective sun screening products. What it lacks in sex appeal, it more than makes up for with truly fine quality and reasonable prices.
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Beautysage takes the unusual approach of vetting, testing and recommending its vast array of beauty care and cosmetic products. It’s like the Consumer Reports of makeup. Loyal customers find they give up shopping anywhere else after a few interactions on a site dedicated to educating the public about health, skin care and beauty brands which still have a conscience.
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Addicted to the London look? So are hundreds of thousands of UK citizens living abroad who can’t seem to let go of the old country when it comes to fashion and beauty products. With a slightly lesser online catalog than its UK-based parent, Boots USA allows customers the illusion they’ve just come back from a shopping spree on Carnaby Street.
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Launched as a fragrant candle and soaps niche site, Diptyque has expanded their selection to include some hard-to-find, health and beauty products not always stocked in your average CVS or Macy’s. And, oh yeah, they sell candles too…
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Drugstore is the online equivalent of Duane Reade brick and mortar stores. Despite the look and feel of a dollar store, the site offers some eye-popping discounts and free shipping on thousands of well-known discount brands.
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A best-kept secret for the wealthy to super-rich, blame Julia Louis-Dreyfus for blowing Net-A-Porter’s cover. It offers nothing but high-end luxury beauty and fashion lines, but, there’s always a bargain or two lurking among the end caps. The best part? Not having to deal with snooty salespeople snickering at you as you “spread the total across a few different cards” at checkout…
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