Beauty Tips And Makeup Hacks For The Holidays

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With the 2015 holiday season falling over a three day weekend, it can be a non-stop party for both Christmas and New Years. That’s why knowing a few simple holiday beauty tips and makeup life hacks can be so helpful. Here are some eyeliner, eyebrow and cheekbone basics which will add just the right touch to your holiday look as you deck the halls!
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When In Doubt, Glitter Out!

Glitter! What holiday party is not more festive than when the ladies show up with even just a hint of eye glitter? Just add a touch of glitter liner on top of your normal eyeliner and, Voila! Instant Christmas!
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Smoky Eye

Run a pointed brush with shimmer shadow over both your top and bottom lash lines. Open your eye and lightly blend the edges.
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‘Open’ Eye

To create the illusion you’re not even wearing eye makeup, swipe some ‘skintone’ blush across your eyelids and eyebrow ridge. Next, apply the same color to your cheeks and blend.
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‘Tight Liner’ Eyelashes

With your favorite eyeliner, look upward and draw the liner between your lashes, rather than on top of them. Your lashes will look fuller and more natural!
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Cat-Eye Life Hack

Using your favorite liquid liner, angle the straight edge of an object usually found in your purse (credit card, business card, etc…) under your lower lash line to create the perfect “flick” on the first try!
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‘Messy’ Mascara

Instead of removing excess mascara formula applied to your lash line, gently blend it in with your finger for a smoky, sexy look!
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The Old Lipstick/Blush Trick

This is an Oldie But Goodie makeup life hack that works any time of year. Swipe your favorite red lipstick along your cheekbones and blend it in with your fingers for a surprisingly effective blush that always adds a rosy glow.
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Same Color, Different Brush

With your favorite eye shadow, first use an angled brush and light strokes to define your brows. Next, use a fluffy brush to blend the corners around your eyes, then finish the look with a damp liner brush to blend in your top and bottom lash lines.
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Lips! Lips! Lips!

When you just don’t have the time for making the eyes stand out, a blast of lip color is just the thing. And, usually, the redder, the better. Happy Holidays!
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