10 Secrets That Couldn’t Be Kept from Google Maps

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Google Maps is a website that posts the entire world online, but sometimes the photographers find something you’ll never believe.
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Abandoned Baby

It looks like someone just left this baby outside a Gucci store.
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No Bathroom?

She just couldn’t hold it any longer.
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Dead Teenager

According to authorities, a man notified police that he saw his son’s dead body on Google maps and the police ended up finding him near the train tracks.
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Crime in Progress?

A man walking down the street with a visible weapon probably won’t end well.
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Prostitute at Work

This image on Google maps shows a man being serviced by a prostitute.
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What’s Going On?

What is this man in the mask waiting for?
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Dragging a Body

Is this guy dragging a dead body? You’ll have to decide for yourself.
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Sunken Car

This isn’t just any car at the bottom of a lake. There was a dead body inside when it was pulled out.
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Pigeon Heads

There’s no telling what these people are doing, but Google maps has outed all of them.
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Pointing a Gun

This looks like a murder about to go down.
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